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SecretSheep - hide caller ID

4.16 usd

Use SecretSheep to selectively block your caller ID. Simply select some groups and contacts that are not allowed to get your phone number.If you want a free trial, download SecretSheep Lite
If you are unsatisfied with SecretSheep, please let me know - I'll refund within 1 week.
Features:* Show or hide your caller ID depending on group memberships, new numbers or return-calls* Create, manage and delete groups.* Select hiding or showing your ID immediately before calling.* Use a toggle or list-widget on your home screen.* Select or create the prefix-code of your network operator.* Use the new Learn-Feature for easy grouping of your people.* Check the show/hide-state of every single contact.* The Call-Log Cleaner removes the prefix-code from call history.
For details look at
If you have a suggestion, a problem or any other request - please mail to support@sheeptec.comIf you want to file a bug, please use
Your network-operator must support hiding your caller ID, some countries don't support that by law!
SecretSheep does not operate in co-existence with a call-confirm app.